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2011 Map of Birch Hills County
Download Map (23 MB) (PDF Document)

Strategic Plan
(PDF Document)

Meeting Schedule

Council/Governance Meeting

February 26, 2015

Council Meeting

March 12, 2015


Jim Alexy
Manager of
Infrastructure Maintenance

Dion Hynes
Director of Public Works

Michael Coy
Manager of
Infrastructure Projects

Birch Hills County

Birch Hills County is located in the Central Peace Region, bordered by the Peace River to the north and the Smoky River to the east. Located within the County are the hamlets of Eaglesham, Peoria, Tangent, Wanham and Watino. Oil and Gas provide the largest sector of employment in the county.

Notice of Special Council Meeting

Notice of this special council meeting is giving in accordance with the Municipal Government Act which states;

Section 194

  • The chief elected official
    • may call a special council meeting whenever the official considers it appropriate to do so, and
  • The chief elected official calls a special council meeting by giving at least 24 hours’ notice in writing to each Councillor and the public stating the purpose of the meeting and the date, time and place at which it is to be held.

Notice is hereby given that a special council meeting has been called by Reeve Doran that will be held on March 2, 2015 at 7 p.m. at the Spirit River Centennial Centre, for the purpose of dealing with the following:

  • Central Peace Waste Management Strategy

On Highway 49, two miles South of the Shaftesbury Ferry, a landslide occurred over the summer. Alberta Transportation has erected warning signs and there are also reduced speed signs in place. The slide area is barricaded and a detour in place. Please use extreme caution when travelling through this area.

Community Newsletter

Read the newsletters for Eaglesham(PDF Document) and Wanham (PDF Document)

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