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2011 Map of Birch Hills County
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Strategic Plan
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Birch Hills
County Courier

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Meeting Schedule

Council Meeting

November 6, 2014

Council Meeting

December 4, 2014


Jim Alexy
Manager of
Infrastructure Maintenance

Dion Hynes
Director of Public Works

Michael Coy
Manager of
Infrastructure Projects

Birch Hills County

Birch Hills County is located in the Central Peace Region, bordered by the Peace River to the north and the Smoky River to the east. Located within the County are the hamlets of Eaglesham, Peoria, Tangent, Wanham and Watino. Oil and Gas provide the largest sector of employment in the county.

The Shaftesbury Ferry is still operating at a reduced capacity of 5 tonnes. The LaCrete Ferry is still shutdown due to the low water level but is still manned 24/7 and field monitoring is on-going.

October 24, 2014

Updated June 25, 2014

As of last evening, June 24, the detour is in place and all the traffic on Highway 740 has been diverted onto the detour. The detour is 10m wide gravel top which will accommodate two-way traffic. There is also a small stockpile of gravel on site for regravelling if required. Slide area is barricaded and is being monitored throughout the day as the highway continues to move.

Updated June 23, 2014

An update of what Alberta Transportation is doing to address the slide issue on Highway 740 south of the Shaftsbury Ferry.

On Friday June 20 the northbound lane started to slide and the highway was reduced to one lane. The situation was monitored over the weekend and the area is still continuing to move. A detour is being constructed today and should be completed by tomorrow. Once the detour is completed, highway traffic will be diverted onto the detour which is located away from the slide area. Signage and a reduced speed is currently in place and will remain in place for the next while. Alberta Transportation consultant is looking into the matter to see what can be done to the slide.

There is a culvert washout on Highway 733 four miles south of Wanham in the centre of the road. Ledcor has signed and completed temporary repairs. Use caution.


Click here for documentation regarding the New Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Online Registry launched at the end of April. This is part of the Government plan to increase organ and tissue donation rates in Alberta.

Click here for the link to start the registration process if you are interested. Please forward to anyone that might be interested.

Community Newsletter

Read the newsletters for Eaglesham(PDF Document) and Wanham (PDF Document)


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