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Bulk water bills are mailed out every two months at the same time as hamlet water bills.

Paying Bills Online

Pay your bills with telephone or online banking through:

  • ATB, Scotia Bank, Credit Union, TD Canada Trust, CIBC, BMO
  • E-Transfer to:


Birch Hills County is pleased to announce that we accept payments with select credit cards through our OptionPay System. Payments for municipal services may be paid online or through the Administration Office.

OptionPay is a payment card system Birch Hills County uses for its credit card transactions. You can find more information on OptionPay by visiting their website.


New Utility Rates Effective May 1, 2020 (Bimonthly)


Residential and Bulk Water



Bulk Water



  • Residential and Agricultural

$             6.50

Per Cubic Meter

  • Commercial/Industrial

$           13.00

Per Cubic Meter

  • Hamlet Residential and Commercial

$             6.50

Per Cubic Meter

  • Seniors Apartments

$         350.00

Flat Rate

  • Municipal Water Line Fee

$           18.00

Per Water Line

  • Connection/Reconnection Fee for All Accounts

$           50.00

Per Connection

  • Renters Deposit Fee

$         500.00

One Time Charge




  • Residential

$           48.00

Flat Rate

  • Seniors Apartments

$         350.00

Flat Rate

  • Schools/Motels/Hotels

$         170.00

Flat Rate

  • Sewer Line Inspection

$         500.00

Flat Rate

  • Thawing of Frozen Lines

Cost Recovery

Per Line

Solid Waste (Garbage Collection)



  • Hamlet Collection

$            26.50

Flat Rate

Garbage Cans



  • Purchase

$            65.00

Per Can

  • Rental

$              6.00

Flat Rate

Shut Off/Door Notices



  • First Notice

$         25.00

Per Notice

  • Second Notice

$            25.00

Per Notice

  • Over Two Notices

$            25.00

Per Notice



Hamlet Water Meters

New water meters have been installed in the hamlets for more accurate readings when it comes to water billing. Below is a guide for how to read the new meters in case of an assumed water leak.

Water Meter Leak Detection

Birch Hills County Water Information Report for 2013-2018

Data for this report has been collected from the monthly water reports at the regional water plant in Eaglesham from January 2013 to December 2018.

County staff has used this data to generate a report to County Council with the intention of providing them with information not limited to water consumption, truck fill usage and water treatment costs. For a complete report click here.